Spore Power

Posted by on February 16, 2011

So what exactly is a spore?

A spore is a very small single-celled asexual reproductive body produced by many flowering plants, fungi and some bacteria and protozoans that is capable of developing into a new individual without sexual fusion.  So what that means  is that a spore is just like a seed, but it does’nt require pollination to get formed like most other plants and flowers.  It is amazing how such a small microscopic bit of material can blossom into an infinite form of life that can grow and change entire ecosystems.

Then there is the popular game called SPORE

It is not that difficult to keep the two concepts seperated but some people do get them mixed up. If you were to type in the word “spore” in any search engine you will see the website for the game SPORE come up in first place.  This has nothing to do with actual spores from mushrooms and plant life other than the fact they are both related to spawning creation and beginning of life.  The game is very interesting and does pose a metaphor describing the potential power of a single spore.  If given the right combination of temperature, humdity, and nutrients a single spore can grow into a variety of life forms, then creating a food chain for entire species to feed off of. 

Did all life begin with a single spore?

There is some theories out there from scientists such as Hermann von Helmholtz in Germany, Lord Kelvin in England, and Svante Arrhenius in Sweden, who promoted the concept that all life was created on earth from sperms or spores or life floating around the universe waiting to take root in the right environment or a planet body with perfect conditions.  This idea is known as the Panspermia Hypothesis and suggests that spores of life existing on comets and meteors are wandering around and being pushed by solar radiation.  Could this be how life on earth was started?

The power of the spore…

So now you have a small taste of the infinite power of the spore.  Such a tiny little speck that we can’t even see with the naked eye holds amazing potential and power to start and in some cases end life.  Next time you see the mushrooms popping up in your yard in on the path you can think about how they reproduce.  Spreading the spores throughout the wind just like comets and meteors floating in space, you never know we just might be close relatives and all come from the same spore.

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