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Spore Power

So what exactly is a spore? A spore is a very small single-celled asexual reproductive body produced by many flowering plants, fungi and some bacteria and protozoans that is capable of developing into a new individual without sexual fusion.  So what that means  is that a spore is just like a seed, but it does’nt &hellip Continue reading »

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Basic information about growing mushrooms

What you need to grow mushrooms from home   It may seem overwhelming at first when you see so many different things like substrates, and mushroom kits, pressure cookers and mycology supplies. It is a lot of stuff to manage.   This article should help put it all in perspective allowing you to get exactly &hellip Continue reading »

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Spore, the Creature Creator Game

Back in 2008 a game was released on PC called SPORE.  This game was and still is a huge success winning several awards and creating an almost cult like following.  The game Spore is basically all about creating your own life and universe as you start off as a single cell life form.  From there &hellip Continue reading »

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